Why is asking for donations so weird?

School’s Out For Summer – Summer Camp Fundraising with Txt2Give

How Does Social Media Help Organizations?

Social media fundraising is an effective tool for organizations and nonprofits. Continue reading to see how social media can improve your donor retention strategy!

Are you putting your donors at risk?

With identity theft continuing to rise, organizations have an even bigger responsibility to their donors to provide an easy, secure way for their donors to give. 

Giving Options: Does Your Church Have Enough?

Text giving is becoming an extremely popular giving option at churches these days, and for good reason.

Don’t Treat Recurring Giving Like Rotisserie Chicken

If you're a child of the 80's like me, you'll probably remember the popular infomercials for the RoncoTM rotisserie ovens. The host and inventor of the oven, Ron Popeil, had a catch phrase that became so popular it transcended both infomercial-land and the RoncoTM oven.

5 Myths About “Text to Give” You Probably Thought Were True

If you live on planet Earth and have been paying attention over the last several years, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “text to give”.  Organizations like the Red Cross have made this method of sending donations by text message a household concept through campaigns like the 2010 Haiti earthquake relief.  During this campaign, donors texted to a number to donate $5, which was charged to their cell phone bill.  These donations are called carrier-collected donations.

Using Text Donations for Events

A text giving service is a great tool to have at your event, for so many reasons. It’s simply an easier and more secure option, for the donors and the organization.

Mobile Giving — Is it Good for Your Organization?

What is mobile giving? In a nutshell, it’s a way for organizations to accept monetary gifts from its donors via text message.