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Fundraising at Concerts: A Few Things To Think About

Can you raise enough during your benefit concert to offset the costs associated with putting on the event to have made it worth the effort?

Txt2Give: Ideas for School Fundraising

With the flexibility that Txt2Give can offer, public and private schools are positioned to potentially see a huge benefit from a mobile giving solution.

Why it works for some, but not all?

It’s great to have an easy way for your donors to contribute to your fundraising efforts, and it doesn’t get much easier than Txt2Give!

6 Tips to Keep Volunteers

Are you needing your non profit organization volunteer retention rate to improve? Check out our Top 6 best practices and tips for volunteer engagement!

4 Easy Tips to Engage Your Donors

Before you can engage your donors, you have to understand how they want to be engaged. This is different for every organization, so knowing your donors is very important. Hopefully you have a good idea already, but if not, here are a few basic rules to follow

Automate Your Nonprofit

Running a nonprofit is a lot of work. There’s a ton to do! Constant fundraising. Managing volunteers. Bookkeeping. Nurturing relationships with past donors. The list goes on and on. Each one of these tasks could easily warrant it’s own blog post with tips, best practices, etc. But I’m going to focus on one that I feel is extremely important, and show how you can save some real time with it.

#1 Secret to Exceeding Your Organization’s Giving Goals

Giving is the lifeblood of your organization.  It’s what allows you to make a difference in the world.  It funds your mission.  It keeps the doors open and the lights on.  But there are so many great organizations that either just barely make budget, or are completely underfunded.

Promoting Mobile Donations on Your Website

As an organization, you may already have a way for your donors to give online, and that’s great! Mobile donations can easily compliment your current giving process or it can, if you choose, replace it all together.