Fighting the Summer Time Blues in Charitable Giving: 5 Key Strategies for Churches
May 31, 2024

Summer is a season of warmth, relaxation, and often, decreased church attendance. Families embark on vacations, children are out of school, and the regular rhythm of life shifts. This change can lead to a noticeable dip in charitable giving, posing a challenge for churches that rely on consistent donations to fund their missions and activities. However, there are effective strategies that churches can employ to maintain giving during the summer months. Here are five key approaches:

1. Implement Online Giving Options

In our increasingly digital world, online giving is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Providing a variety of online giving options ensures that church members can continue to support their church, even when they are away on vacation. Here are some ways to implement this:

  • Church Website: Ensure that your church website has a user-friendly and secure online donation portal. This can be facilitated through services like PayPal,, or Pushpay.
  • Mobile Giving: Encourage members to use mobile giving apps. Text-to-give is another convenient option that allows donors to give directly from their smartphones.
  • Recurring Donations: Promote the option for recurring donations. This feature allows members to set up automatic, regular contributions, ensuring a steady flow of income for the church.


To maximize participation, provide clear instructions on how to use these tools, and regularly remind the congregation about these options through newsletters, social media, and during services.

2. Plan Special Summer Events and Campaigns

Engagement often drives giving. By planning special events and campaigns during the summer, you can maintain a sense of community and encourage continued generosity. Consider these ideas:

  • Summer Programs: Host vacation Bible schools, family picnics, or community service projects. These events can foster community spirit and remind members of the church’s ongoing needs.
  • Giving Challenges: Launch a summer giving challenge. Set a fundraising goal for a specific project, such as renovating the church playground or supporting a mission trip. Track progress publicly to motivate donors.
  • Seasonal Appeals: Tailor your appeals to the season. For instance, highlight how donations can help fund air conditioning for summer services or support outreach programs for local kids out of school.


These initiatives can create excitement and a sense of purpose, encouraging members to contribute even when they might otherwise forget.

3. Communicate Effectively and Regularly

Consistent communication is crucial in reminding congregants of the church’s needs and the impact of their donations. Here are some communication strategies:

  • Newsletters and Emails: Send regular updates highlighting the church’s activities, financial needs, and the positive impact of donations. Personal stories and testimonials can be very effective.
  • Social Media: Utilize social media platforms to share updates, stories, and appeals. Engaging content such as videos and photos can capture attention and encourage giving.
  • Service Announcements: Use Sunday services to remind the congregation about giving. Brief testimonials or updates on how donations are making a difference can be powerful motivators.


By keeping the lines of communication open and vibrant, you help keep the church’s needs top of mind for members.

4. Engage the Youth

Youth often have more free time during the summer, making it an excellent opportunity to involve them in church activities and fundraising efforts. Here’s how:

  • Youth-Led Fundraisers: Encourage youth groups to organize and lead fundraisers. Car washes, bake sales, or sponsored events can be both fun and effective.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Engage young members in volunteer projects that align with the church’s mission. These activities can instill a sense of responsibility and generosity.
  • Social Media Ambassadors: Appoint tech-savvy youth as social media ambassadors to help spread the word about the church’s needs and activities.


Involving the youth not only helps maintain giving but also nurtures the next generation of church supporters.

5. Show Appreciation and Transparency

Expressing gratitude and maintaining transparency about how donations are used can significantly enhance trust and encourage continued giving. Consider the following practices:

  • Thank You Notes: Send personalized thank-you notes to donors. Acknowledging their contributions, no matter how small, shows appreciation and fosters a deeper connection.
  • Impact Reports: Provide regular reports on how donations are being used. Share stories of individuals or communities that have benefited from the church’s programs.
  • Donor Recognition: Publicly recognize donors (with their permission) through newsletters, social media, or during services. Highlighting their generosity can inspire others to give.


By showing appreciation and being transparent, you build a culture of trust and generosity within the congregation.

The summer slowdown in charitable giving can be a significant challenge for churches, but with strategic planning and proactive engagement, it is possible to maintain and even increase giving during these months. By implementing online giving options, planning special events, communicating effectively, engaging the youth, and showing appreciation and transparency, churches can ensure a steady flow of donations. These efforts not only help sustain the church’s activities but also strengthen the sense of community and commitment among members. 

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