About Txt2Give

Our Story

In 2012, while sitting in church and watching people drop cash and checks into the offering bucket, Txt2Give Founder and CEO, Chad Boyd, thought to himself:

“There has to be an easier way. I don’t carry cash and neither do most of the people I know, so how are we supposed to give?”

As a life-long programmer, he knew he could build a system where people give through text messaging. That afternoon, Chad developed version 1.0 of Txt2Give.

“I set out to create something that broke down the barriers of traditional giving and was really easy and convenient to use.”

A friend of Chad’s managed technology at the church, so he took version 1.0 to his friend and asked if the church would be interested in trying it out. His friend loved the idea, and the response from the church was overwhelming. Their digital giving has grown 45% since introducing Txt2Give! Chad had a feeling that he might be on to something, so after a few months of use and feedback from customers, he was on to version 2.0.

While in development with version 2.0, several nonprofits began reaching out in search of a solution for their giving. It wasn’t until then that Chad realized how versatile (and needed) this platform was for so many different industries.

“I enjoy helping people and knew that this would allow me to do that on a much larger scale than I originally realized.”

Not only was Txt2Give the first company to allow someone to give by text message using a credit or debit card, but it was also affordable for anyone to use. Txt2Give didn’t feel that smaller organizations should be left out because of the hefty price tags. Word spread quickly and, from one feature to the next, Txt2Give kept evolving into what it is today.

“I’m extremely proud of how far we’ve come and truly humbled that we’ve been able to help thousands of organizations across the globe by empowering them to be able to do more for their mission. My team and I would love the chance to show you how we can help you, too.” – Chad B.

Our Present and Future

To date, Txt2Give has proudly helped thousands of organizations receive over $1.5 billion in donations. Working with churches, nonprofits, education institutions, and political campaigns, our services are perfect for a wide variety of giving needs and priorities. 

With our monthly giving options, we help clients easily engage donors, and grow their overall giving with recurring giving. Our event pricing options allow you to choose the best plan for you – whether you’re looking for a one-time event or a year-long fundraising plan. 

At Txt2Give, our mission is to:

“Provide an easy, secure and convenient way to break down the barriers of traditional giving while providing an exceptional experience for our customers.”

As we continue to expand, we will continue to stand by this mission statement, improve the efficiency of our systems, provide new solutions, and develop new experiences.