Doing your part!
July 22, 2021
While there is no foolproof checklist that assures success with text giving, Txt2Give is here to make it easy for you.

One of the primary responsibilities of church leaders is to mobilize their congregation to support one another and the surrounding community. At Txt2Give, we are here to make it easy for you.

There is no denying that a church needs cash to function and assist people. Churches, unlike commercial businesses or government agencies, must raise funds from within.

In some religions, this is where the concept of tithe comes into play (by definition: whatever you earn, the first 10 percent goes to the church, and the remainder is yours). But what if you discover that some families in your congregation are having more difficulty than others? Giving a part of their salary to the church may mean straining to pay their power bill or buy groceries for those families. Is it acceptable to encourage those families to give to the church in other ways (volunteering their time and services) in that case? Donating to the church, some people feel that tithing is a financial requirement that must be met before anything else. If you’re down to your final dollar, ten cents goes to the church and the other ninety cents is yours to keep.

Another school of thought holds that the 10% guideline should be abandoned in favor of contributing everything you can, even if it’s just the change you found on the sidewalk. One wise soul offered an adage: “Whenever I get stressed out about money…I give some away.” Others have adopted a more forward-thinking approach to the topic; one phrase that came up regularly in answer to my inquiry was “Time, Talents, and Treasures.” If you lack in one area (treasures), you can make up for it in others (time and talent).

The church choir is an integral aspect of the church that leads worship and offers joy to the congregation through worship music. It also provides members with the opportunity to serve the church. A church choir is frequently an important element of the community. Church choirs require funds to operate, and managing a chorus necessitates devotion, hard work, and motivation!

A church choir requires financing to conduct practice, travel expenditures, and choir excursion preparation, among other things. Here are some simple church choir fundraising ideas that will help you get started raising funds for your church choir.

  1. Talent Competition

As a fundraiser, hold a community talent show. This basic yet inventive method of soliciting money offers a few additional advantages. Not only will the earnings benefit your church choir, but a talent show is also a fantastic method to better engage your community with your church.

Make different age groups perform in the talent show. However, make sure to properly publicize your event and begin spreading the word well in advance so that all individuals interested in participating have enough time to prepare and assist you in putting together a great fundraiser talent show.

Furthermore, you may enlist the support of volunteers to give snacks and drinks to your attendees—just a few snacks would suffice—and you will have another fundraising channel to supplement your church choir fundraising during the event. Furthermore, the talent event will bring forward talented members of your community—there’s a high chance you’ll find new members for your church choir.

  1. Concert for Charity

Your church choir is essentially a collection of musically skilled members of your congregation. A benefit concert or gala is an excellent way to raise funds for your church choir. Your choir must put on a terrific performance in the event; consider bringing all of your best performers to the stage with their best performances.

Invite your community or local celebrities or performers to participate in your event. Make a note of the event’s headliner. Ticket sales, table purchases, and event sponsorships all contribute to your fundraising efforts.

Most significantly, you must handle the logistics of organizing the event. This includes the additional expense of the venue and likely food for the gala, as well as the time and effort required to locate event sponsors. Most essential, ensure that you are effectively marketing your event as well as arranging it; the funds earned by throwing a formal event might be well worth it.

With Txt2give, we give you the platform to make this happen, and seamlessly. You can create causes for each of these occasions with easy-to-remember keywords and easily track all the donations coming through from all donors.

There is no foolproof checklist that assures your success with Txt2Give. But, if you put in the effort, your organization and Txt2Give would form an excellent team.