Mobile Giving — Is it Good for Your Organization?
September 27, 2013
What is mobile giving? In a nutshell, it’s a way for organizations to accept monetary gifts from its donors via text message.

What is mobile giving? In a nutshell, it’s a way for organizations to accept monetary gifts from its donors via text message.

Until recently, this option has only been available to larger organizations, due to the hefty price tag and strict guidelines associated with the service. Even then, you were only able to collect it through the cell phone providers. More recently, there have been some new non-carrier collected players to enter the game, such as Txt2Give. We provide some very desirable features including affordable pricing, no contract options, same day setup, and donor databases, just to name a few. We recognized a need to provide any organization, no matter its size, with the same text giving option, previously reserved for only large organizations.

For an organization looking to implement a mobile giving option into their campaign, the drawbacks of a carrier collected option far outweigh the advantages compared to other options currently out there. Using mGive and Txt2Give as two comparisons between a carrier collected a non-carrier collected service, respectively, here is a great example of some of the differences:

Set up fee: $500
Set up time: 1-4 weeks
Monthly: $250-$999
Contract: 12 month
Funds deposited: 60-90 days
Donor database: No
Custom Integration: No
Keywords: Yes
Short Code: Yes
Monthly donation limit: $15-$30
Countries Serviced: US
* Last published data. They no longer provide pricing on their website.

Set up fee: $0
Set up time: Same day
Monthly: $90
Contract: No
Funds deposited: 3-7 days
Donor database: Yes
Custom Integration: Yes
Keywords: Yes
Short Code: Available
Monthly donation limit: No limit
Countries Serviced: US, Canada (coming soon: UK, Ireland)

Thanks to Txt2Give, any organization can now have the option of accepting mobile donations. They can also use a greater amount of those donations to help their cause instead of being locked into an expensive contract and paying high fees, found in other text donation options.

Contact us today to get started or to speak with one of our outstanding team members on how we can help your nonprofit, church or other organization simplify and increase your donations.

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