Partnering with Businesses on Giving Tuesday: A 3-Step Guide for Nonprofits
November 9, 2023

Collaborating with businesses on Giving Tuesday can be a game-changer for nonprofits. Here’s how to make it happen in three simple steps: 

Partnering with Businesses on Giving Tuesday

1. Find the Right Partner:

Alignment of Values: Seek businesses whose values align with your nonprofit’s mission and objectives. Look for companies with a demonstrated commitment to social responsibility. 

Clear Partnership Goals: Define clear and specific goals for the partnership. Whether it’s financial support, employee engagement, or in-kind donations, ensure that both parties understand the objectives. 

Effective Communication: Initiate conversations with potential corporate partners. Craft a compelling proposal that highlights the positive impact they can make on the community by partnering with your nonprofit on Giving Tuesday. 

Giving Tuesday

2. Offer Versatile Engagement:

Financial Support: Many businesses are willing to provide financial contributions. Clearly outline how their donations will be utilized and the tangible impact they can expect to achieve. 

Employee Involvement: Provide opportunities for employees of the partnering business to volunteer their time and skills. Consider organizing volunteer events, skill-sharing sessions, or team-building activities that align with your nonprofit’s mission. 

In-Kind Donations: Some businesses prefer to offer in-kind donations, such as goods or services, instead of monetary contributions. Specify what types of in-kind support would be most beneficial to your organization. 

Cause Marketing: Collaborate on a cause marketing campaign where a portion of the business’s sales on Giving Tuesday is donated to your nonprofit. This approach can create a win-win situation for both parties, promoting their products or services while supporting your cause. 

Showing appreciation

3. Showcase Impact and Appreciation:

Impact Reporting: Regularly update your corporate partner on the progress and results of the partnership. Share stories and statistics that illustrate how their support has made a tangible difference in the community. Transparency reinforces their commitment to your cause. 

Recognition: Publicly acknowledge the partnering business’s contribution. Mention them on your website, social media platforms, and in your communication materials. Highlight their dedication to social responsibility and community impact. 

Thank-You Gestures: Express your gratitude through meaningful gestures. Host thank-you events or activities for the employees of the partnering business. Face-to-face interactions can be powerful in showing appreciation and reinforcing the positive outcomes of their involvement. 

By following these detailed steps, nonprofits can establish and nurture meaningful partnerships with businesses on Giving Tuesday. These collaborations benefit both the nonprofit’s mission and the corporate partner’s brand, fostering a sense of shared purpose and community engagement. 

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