School’s Out For Summer – Summer Camp Fundraising with Txt2Give
June 11, 2021
Find out how Txt2Give helps parents send their kids money at Summer camp so they can have an awesome summer vacation!

School’s Out For Summer – Summer Camp Fundraising

Ahhh, another year down in the school books. Now what? Oh yeah, summer camp. Oh boy, is that expensive! How are you, their parent, going to pay for it? Whether it’s a sports camp, a band camp, any kind of camp really – there’s a cost associated with these fun-filled activities to keep your kids stimulated all summer long. Why not help your wallet and your kid and fundraise for it? Txt2Give can help with that! 

Here’s the idea – your summer camp can set up an account with Txt2Give, then create a “channel” for any child that needs help raising funds for their camp stay. They can even assign a Keyword to the Cause to make it super easy, and multiple children in one neighborhood or group can all join the channel. 

Here’s a bit about how it works. You text the keyword Johnny at 555-555-5555. From there, those contributions would be asked how much they’d like to give, provide their payment info, and boom! It’s done! It’s as simple as that. There’s also the option to have those contributions recur automatically each week, every other week, each month, or every other month.

To take that one step further, using the same process – parents can add money to their child’s account to pay for snacks or extra activities. Through this method, parents can safeguard their investment and know that it is going towards the items they are intended for. 

So yeah, Txt2Give helps out with churches and nonprofit fundraising AND also with parents whose kids deserve the best summer ever!

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