Frequent Questions

We know it can be overwhelming to choose the right giving solution platform.Hopefully we can help make that a little easier for you.  

Here are some of the most common questions we get.

Anyone! If your organization needs to raise money, we can help.   We offer easy to use, affordable options whether you need it for a one-time event or something longer.

No. Donations are charged to the donor’s credit or debit card, or even through bank account if they wish.  They’ll simply decide when they make their first donation. 

There are a few reasons that we don’t charge to the phone bill: 

  • You have to be a registered 501(c)3 with a minimum annual revenue
  • Donations you can receive are small and have monthly limit 
  • Funds can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to reach your organization. 

Extremely simple! Txt2Give works with the phone’s existing texting environment, so all the donor has to do is send a text message.  We even have a free trial and free online giving!

If you are a monthly user, your account is active and your free trial starts immediately.  Simply plug in your payment processor and you’re ready to go!  

If you have a one-time event, we can have you setup and ready to go in about 48 hours.  If you need it sooner there is a small rush fee of $100.

Of course not. We don’t require your donors to download an app to be able to give.  While apps can be great for ordering a pizza, they aren’t always a great idea when it comes to receiving donations.   Here are a few reasons why… 

  • Different operating systems require separate apps.  Both have to be updated constantly in order to work accurately.
  • Donors have to remember to update the app or it may not let them give.
  • You may not be able to get donation information. 
  • Apps can be expensive.  Apps that have a ton of features may sound great, but they usually come with a hefty price tag and require more frequent updates.
  • Apps take up a lot of storage space.
  • Apps can be slow.  Large apps take longer to load simply due to the massive amounts of info needed to run them behind the scenes.  That can mean a longer giving experience for your donors who might just give up because it takes too long.
  • A bad app can damage your brand.  When an app doesn’t work correctly or takes  long time to use, it can leave the donor having a bad experience with your organization. 

The main benefit of Txt2Give is security and convenience.

96% of people in the US carry around a smartphone everywhere they go.  At Txt2Give, we’ve turned the smartphone into a personal giving device, meaning that donors can give from anywhere, anytime in just a few seconds.

Absolutely not!

Nobody likes contracts, so with us, there isn’t one.  Try us out with our free trial, and leave anytime you’d like.

Recently there have been some changes by the major phone carriers that will be blocking the use of shared short codes in the very near future.  This change is due to the amount of spam that has been increasing over the last few years.  

A short code is a 5-6 digit number that replaces a normal 10-digit number.  A Shared short code means that 5-6 organizations share one code.  If that code is ever reported for spam (maybe one of the other organizations are sending out too many messages and annoy a donor), then the short code can get blocked for every organization that is using it.

Until the carriers release their own solution, the only way to have a reliable short code is by using a dedicated short code (each organization has it’s own code), which is extremely expensive at $1,000+ per month. To date, the only option for a true short code is through Mobile Giving Foundation. 

Until there is a more cost effective solution for our customers, we have decided to discontinue shared short codes so that we can ensure our platform’s reliability and that our customers won’t have their short code go down when they need it the most.  

Yes! And it’s FREE with every account.  We want to make it easy and affordable to keep track of all of your digital donations in one place.

The giving process is in real-time, so you will see the donation show up instantly in Txt2Give’s administrative dashboard.

Depending on who you choose as your payment processor, you could receive the funds in as little as 24 hours, or it may take longer, depending on their specific terms.

Yes. Anytime your accept digital payments, you have to have a merchant account in order to process those payments.  

We work with 17 of the top payment processors in the industry.  If you already have a merchant account with one of them, you can simply plug them in to Txt2Give!  If you don’t have one and need help deciding which one is best for you, simply reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

Yes! We want to make introducing and promoting Txt2Give as easy as possible.  We give you a free customized giving image, complete with your giving number and how to give.  Simply put this image wherever you want to reach your donors – social media, emails, posters etc.  We even have a layered image for live-streaming or big screens.

Yes.  You can add your logo and choose your colors to create a seamless feel for your donors when they give.

Every organization is different.  The success of Txt2Give usually boils down to 2 things

  1. how you promote it to your donors 
  2. the demographic of your donors


This is why we offer a free trial and provide a comprehensive launch package for everyone that signs up.  We also have a dedicated team to help you during your launch and every step of the way.  

Your organization will receive a unique 10-digit giving number in the area code that you provide when you sign up.  We also have toll free numbers available.

To make a text donation, donors will simply text GIVE to your giving number and make their donation. 

To give online, donors will simply use the unique giving link in your dashboard.

The very first time a new donor gives, they must complete a quick, secure, one-time registration step in order to complete their donation.  This registration step is how our system identifies them for future giving, verifies their identity with the payment processor and also and how we are able to give you the donor information. Items that are required include name, email address and credit card info. You can optionally collect the donor’s address.

Yes!  Our system will send out automated and branded receipts that are customized to your organization.

Yes.  Since we offer the flexibility of using your own supported payment processor, that rate is negotiated between you and the payment processor.  We are unable to know your negotiated rate and therefore cannot include your  exact processing fees in our pricing.  

If you didn’t see your question answered above, simply click on the chat button below

and we’ll be happy to help!  You can also reach us at 888-604-6536,

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