6 Week Giving Tuesday Plan

Whether it’s your first time organizing a GivingTuesday campaign or you’ve done it for several years, there’s always something to improve upon. We’ve outlined a 6 week plan to help promote your fundraising campaign. Review this weekly checklist, put these ideas into action and see the results on GivingTuesday.

Week 1: Get Geared Up

GivingTuesday is weeks away, but it’s time to start getting ready. A successful fundraising campaign starts weeks before the event. We’ve outlined a list of things you need to get started to make your campaign a success. Get off on the right foot with this task checklist.

  • Have a campaign team meeting
  • Finalize your campaign ambassadors – online and offline
  • Add your #GivingTuesday
  • Campaign logo/visual to your outreach channels
  • Finalize strategy for challenge and/or matching funds
  • Finalize all campaign marketing: stories, key visuals, videos
  • Review and test your giving page (on mobile phones too) and plan any necessary updates
  • Draft your campaign announcements for social, press and supporters
  • Ask your staff to update email signatures with your Campaign visual to help spread the word

Week 2: Announcements Begin

Once you’ve got your preliminary work outlined, start letting your staff, donors, and social channels know. Start your communication early and encourage continual engagement throughout your campaign.

  • Announce your campaign in social channels
  • Announce your campaign to all staff, volunteers
  • Issue your #GivingTuesday press release
  • Have call or meeting with ambassadors to share campaign and outreach strategy
  • If you plan to host an event or volunteer opportunity, announce these plans
  • Begin weekly drip email of content for sharing by ambassadors
  • Order items if using: stickers, postcards, t-shirts, banners

Week 3: Ramp Up Communications

After your initial announcements have been made, continue your communication efforts via email campaigns and reach out to your donors and friends of your organization. Additionally, it’s time to start planning the details of your fundraising event. What activities will you be promoting? What will your social schedule look like?

  • Weekly drip email goes out with campaign highlights and action steps for ambassador
  • If planning direct mailer, finalize this week to hit before Thanksgiving
  • Ask ambassadors to begin contributing content: Unselfies, stories of their experiences with your organization, etc. Share through channels.
  • Begin planning your day-of “event.”
  • Think about who will do social outreach, man the phones, answer media questions, etc.
  • Email past supporters to announce #GivingTuesday participation and the focus of your campaign
  • Talk to technology partners about help needed with giving page or website updating, if applicable

Week 4: Expand Promotions

After you’ve continued to increase your communication and planning, it’s time to start pushing your fundraising more and more. Schedule weekly emails, reach out to local media, and finalize your “day-of” schedule.

  • Weekly drip email goes out with campaign highlights and action steps for ambassadors
  • Update to administration about progress of campaign and continued need for their support
  • Continue to promote your campaign through social channels
  • Continue to encourage ambassadors, volunteers and staff to share content on social media
  • Write op-ed for local newspaper highlighting the impact of your work
  • Finish updates to your giving page and website
  • Finalize your day-of plan for outreach, reporting and celebrating

Week 5: Accelerate Communications

Now is the time to really push communication. GivingTuesday is just two weeks away, and it’s time to dive into social media and email engagement. Think of creative ways to engage your potential donors.

  • Weekly drip email goes out with campaign highlights and action steps for ambassadors
  • Update to administration about progress of campaign and continued need for their support
  • Accelerate promotion through your social channels
  • Update Facebook image, Twitter image and web-site with “2 weeks to go” message and image
  • Email to supporters encouraging them to participate in your campaign
  • Communicate your day-of plan to staff, volunteers
  • Send direct mailer reminding supporters to be a part of your #GivingTuesday Campaign

Week 6: Communications Countdown

With one week to go, it’s time to set up the final details of your campaign. Make sure everything is organized for GivingTuesday and your details are aligned.

  • Weekly drip email goes out with campaign highlights and action steps for ambassadors
  • Update to board and staff with action plan for their involvement on #GivingTuesday
  • Accelerate promotion through your social channels with “Giving Thanks” messages and increase emphasis on challenges and matching funds
  • Catch up with day-of team
  • Launch your Giving page or web page updates

Days Before: Last Minute Readiness

GivingTuesday is just days away! What final preparations do you need to make? Here’s an outline of last minute tasks you should complete. Be prepared for the big day as best as you can by testing your site, scheduling posts and emails, and making sure everything is organized.

  • Weekly drip email focused on making the most of Campaign matching funds and challenges
  • Check in with key Campaign partners to ensure readiness
  • Provide activities update to staff, board, ambassadors and volunteers
  • Test giving pages and website again
  • Heavy social outreach
  • Remind key supporters that tomorrow is the big day!

Day Of: GivingTuesday

It’s the big day! You’ve been preparing for it for weeks, and it’s finally time for your GivingTuesday event. Enjoy this special day, send out final email pushes, and engage with your donors online.

  • Day-of emails out to all groups
  • Heavy social outreach throughout the day focused on impact of giving, matching funds, goals for the day, your inspiring stories and #GivingTuesday
  • Facebook posts and Tweets as you reach milestones: 30%, 60%, 80%, 90%, 100% of goals
  • Thank donors and volunteers through social channels
  • Calls to Board and key supporters to remind them today’s the big day and to thank them
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