Is Text Giving Worth It?

85% of people will give using a smartphone. 70% of giving comes from individuals, not businesses. 42% is the average additional amount given per person with recurring giving. $255 is the average number per person donation made in 2019 through Txt2Give.

Why Are Text to Donate Platforms Best for Your Fundraising Efforts?

People are carrying less cash and writing fewer checks than ever.

Break down the giving barriers. Allow people to securely give to your Church in seconds with just a simple text message. Anytime, anywhere. Setup different causes (areas) so that people can easily give to specific needs that your Church may have, too. From general tithes to missions, or even your new building you’re raising money for, you can do it all easily with Txt2Give.

In fact, 85% of donors now will give using a smartphone.

Whether you’re looking to raise money for a specific project, create a recurring donation campaign, or organize an event, a text-to-give platform may be the best option for you.

How Does Txt2Give Work?

We understand it’s important that your text to donate campaign is simple and easy for your donors. The process is straightforward and makes your fundraising work convenient and efficient. Here is how your supporters can donate:

  1. Just text GIVE (or your custom keyword) and the amount to your Txt2Give giving number.
  2. Confirm the amount (optional).
  3. Answer 3 quick one-time registration questions (name, address, payment info).
  4. The gift is complete!

Who Is Text Giving For?

Text giving is for any organization that needs an easy, secure way to accept gifts quickly & conveniently.

Check out just some of the features that we provide. Not only will they save you a ton of time, but they will help you skyrocket the giving at your organization, too.

Txt2Give Features

  • Same Day Setup: We make it easy to accept donations as soon as possible. You can be ready to go in 20-30 minutes.
  • Free Trial: Check out our free trial for 30 days, or until you raise your first $250, whichever comes first.
  • Year End Giving Statements: Talk to a real person when you need to – in minutes, not days. Whether it’s live chat, phone, or by email, you are a priority to us and you won’t have to wait for the answer that you quickly need. 
  • Customized Launch Info: We make it easy to accept donations as soon as possible. You’ll receive a customized image to display your giving number and an entire rollout package to ensure a successful launch. 
  • Recurring Giving: Meeting (and exceeding) your budget is paramount for any organization. One of the biggest drivers of that is to keep giving consistent. We make that easy by allowing people to set up recurring donations online or by text.
  • Epic Customer Support: Talk to a real person when you need to – in minutes, not days. Whether it’s live chat, phone, or by email, you are a priority to us and you won’t have to wait for the answer that you quickly need. 
  • Multiple Causes: Set up as multiple areas for people to give to and make it easy for people to give quickly and effortlessly, whether it’s online or by text.
  •  Brand Alignment: It’s important to provide a seamless giving experience for people, and keep things consistent with what they are used to seeing from your Organization. From the first moment they begin their donation, to their automatic gift receipt, they’ll see the familiar branding of your logo and colors throughout.
  • Free Online Giving: Simplify your giving. When using our free online giving, you will be able to easily see all of your digital gifts, and their details, in one convenient place. Think of all of the time you’ll save.
  • Multi-lingual: Whether your organization is in the US or Canada, speaks English, Spanish or French, our platform can easily communicate with them in a language they understand.
  • Donation Reminder Texts: We virtually eliminate any uncollected donations for your Organization. Any pending gift will automatically receive a gentle reminder text letting them know how to complete their gift.
  • Centralized Reporting: Whether people give by text or online, all your details will be in one convenient dashboard. You can sort, filter and export any information you need, to wherever you need it. 
  • Processor Neutral: Part of every organization’s role is choosing the right partner to handle the payment processing of the gifts that are given. We want to make sure you’re in control of that. We have partnered with some of the most trusted payment processors in the industry to give you the flexibility to choose which one is right for your organization.
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