5 Myths About Text to Donate Platforms and Fundraising

There are a lot of text-to-donate platforms out there. With that, there are a lot of myths about these platforms as well. However, Txt2Give pushes back against what has been viewed as industry standards and puts these myths to bed. Our platform stands up against competitors as an easy-to-use, fast and efficient program.

Read more about the myths associated with text-to-give platforms and why Txt2Give can serve you best.


#1 Donations have to be charged to the donor’s cell phone bill.

Some text to give programs require donations to be charged to the donor ’s cell phone bill. These donations are called carrier-collected donations.

This might seem like a good idea at first. It’s easy for the donor, and there’s no credit card needed. Life is good, right? But, what happens if the person doesn’t pay their phone bill? Well, simply put, you don’t get the donation.

How It Works

Back in the day, all text donations were of the carrier collected type. All non-profits wanting to receive carrier collected text donations had (and still do have) to go through an organization called the Mobile Giving Foundation, or MGF for short. The MFG is a non-profit organization itself, and was started in 2007 by veterans of the wireless industry. Here’s how it works.

If your organization wants to receive text donations which are charged to the donor’s cell phone bill, it signs up with an Application Service Provider (ASP) approved by the MGF. When a donation is made by a donor, it is collected by the cell phone carrier and the funds are passed to the MGF. The MGF then passes the funds to your organization. The ASP your organization signed up with will typically charge you a monthly fee, plus a per-donation charge.

The MGF charges a number of pretty hefty fees just to get the ball rolling. That’s in addition to the restrictions associated with donations on a phone bill. 

That’s a lot of dough that your organization could be using for other things instead.

Now also add on the 5-10% taken from the donation, and you can see why churches and nonprofits like yours have historically steered clear of text donations.

Txt2Give saves you from this stress and helps you get the full amount of your donation quickly and efficiently.

#2: Startup costs are too high.

Historically, this was true. Until we came along.

Txt2Give was the first giving platform to offer the ability to use a credit or debit card, or even a bank account to make a donation. We made it super affordable, too. There are no start up fees, or hidden pricing.

Our monthly service is $19/month + 1%  and includes a free trial so that you can make sure that we’re a good fit for your needs. You can accept donations the same day and even use your current supported payment processor with our platform!


#3: There’s a 90-day turnaround time for receiving funds.

When a donor gives and the donation goes on her cell phone bill, that donation isn’t actually collected until the donor pays their bill.

If they give at the beginning of their billing cycle, it’ll be 30 days until the carrier bills them for that month. Then the donor has up to another 30 days to pay the bill, right? That’ s 60 days. Then once the carrier receives payment on the bill, they cut a check for the donation to the MGF, which can take a while. After that, the MGF sends the money to the organization (you), which can also take some time.

So as you can see, it can be a long time before your organization is able to receive the funds from the donation and put them to use when you charge donations to the phone bill.

With Txt2Give, you won’t have to wait 90 days. You’ll get your donation quickly!

#4: Our organization isn't big enough for a text-to-give platform.

Why should your organization be excluded from a convenient fundraising tool like text giving just because it doesn’t bring in hundreds of thousands each year? We don’t believe you should.

Rather than have hefty financial barriers we believe that any organization, big or small, should have an affordable way to receive text donations.


#5: Donation amounts are going to be too small.

When charging donations to the phone bill, your donors are limited to how generous they can be. They can only give a max of $25.

The average donation amount through Txt2Give is $153 per donor.

Just think of all of the good you could do with that additional generosity!

Let us show you how easy giving can be.

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